Squires Kitchen: Silver-Rose Gold Designer Metallic Lustre Dust

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Squires Kitchen Designer Metallic Lustre Dust Food Colours now come in 13 fantastic metallic shades, from the classic gold and silver, to rose gold, copper and bronze in our NEW  fabulously elegant, collectable and reusable toughened glass bottles.

SK amazing edible dust colours can be used to add a fabulous metallic sheen to sugar work, chocolate, Cocoform,  marzipan and more, simply brush directly onto sugar or chocolate surfaces. For an even richer colour and shine, apply over a thin coat of Gildesol, SK’s fantastic patented edible gilding medium.

To create a paint suitable for painting full cakes and adding fine metallic details to sugar decorations, simply mix the dusts with a little clear alcohol (such as gin or vodka). You can also mix with SK’s confectioners glaze for a super glossy finish on sugarpaste, chocolate, royal icing or on delicate sugar flowers.


Created especially for sugarcrafters and cake decorators, all Squires Kitchen food colours are guaranteed edible and comply with all current directives for use in foodstuff so you can ensure that all your creations are both beautiful and safe to eat.


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