GALAXY WHITE 20ml luxury edible lustre dust icing colour


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  • 100% edible – unlike many so-called edible lustres and glitters on the market
  • flown all the way from Australia, these luxury quality lustres can really help take your cakes to the next level
  • dust, paint or spray on to your creations
  • each pot approx holds approx 10ml – the precise weight of each dust varies due to the density of different ingredients, but are all packaged in the same size container with 10ml volume
  • PLEASE NOTE Faye Cahill lustres are changing to different shaped pots so your order may be in either the original or the new, flatter pot – contents are the same
  • dust dry on to sugarpasteflower & modelling pastecandy / chocolate meltsmarzipan, chocolate or any other edible product
  • mix with Rejuvenator Fluid to produce an edible lustre paint – dilute further for use in sprays and airbrushes
  • mix in a mixing tray and apply with a sugarcraft dusting brush or food-approved paint brush
  • we are delighted to confirm that this colour is 100% edible
  • ingredients: E555 Mica, E559, E171
  • suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • dairy free – nut free – gluten free – GMO free
  • PLEASE NOTE pots often have residual dust present on the outside – this does not indicate a leak or damage
  • pot measures approx 2cm / 20mm / ¾” high x 3.75cm / 37.5mm / 1.5″ diameter including screw-top lid


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