Callebaut gold chocolate – 400g



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Callebaut’s caramel chocolate couverture is a rich and buttery variety to use in your patisserie work. Loved by pastry chefs across the world, couverture drops can be heated quickly, easily and consistently, giving you fantastic results, every time. 

This pre-tempered 30.4% caramel couverture is a blend of three different beans from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador. Made with caramelised sugar, caramelised milk and a sprinkle of salt, this toffee-like chocolate has a golden hue. 

A fat content of 37.1% promises a glossy finish and clean ‘snap’. This gold chocolate pairs well with stone fruits and nuts, from apricot to almonds. Use this all-purpose chocolate to make ganaches, truffles, mousses, gelato or homemade Easter eggs. 

Take care when melting the chocolate –  if heated above 28 degrees Celcius it may need to be tempered again to set perfectly. To avoid this simply melt the white couverture chocolate slowly over a bain-marie stirring regularly until melted.


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