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Smooth Mini Chocolate Egg Mould x 6

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Create your own batch of delicious mini eggs using the Mini Egg Mould by Cake Star.

Mini Egg Mould Key Features:

• Perfect for making mini Easter eggs.

• Can be used with chocolate and candy melts.

• Will make up to 6 full eggs (12 halves) at a time.

• Smooth outer finish.

The mould is made from a rigid, durable plastic that can be used over and over again, not just for Easter eggs but for egg decorations for other cakes throughout the year.

Once made, the eggs will have a smooth outside finish, allowing you to paint with coloured cocoa butter or spray with Spectrum Flow Airbrush Colours to make your own bespoke designs.

How to use:

1. Pour melted chocolate/candy melts into the egg halves.

2. Hold the mould upside down over a bowl until the excess chocolate has run out, leaving a layer of chocolate around the edge of your mould cavities.

3. Using a scraper, scrape the edge of your mould to level off your egg halves.

4. Place your mould in the fridge until your egg halves are set. You will know when they are set as the chocolate egg halves will easily come away from the mould.

5. To join together, place one half of the egg on a hot pan to melt the edges slightly, then stick to the other half.

6. Place the full egg in the fridge to set, then you’re ready to decorate!

You could even fill your eggs with caramel or other delicious fillings before sticking the 2 halves together.

Each egg cavities measure approximately: 5cm x 3.5cm