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PME - Supatube 56R - Piping Nozzle Tube Tip - Right Handed Petal

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A seamless stainless steel piping tip for decorating your cakes with lovely roses, blossoms, spring flowers and other beautiful floral designs.

How to Use

Fill your bag with icing. Cut your piping bag to the size required for you to attach your nozzle into the bag.

If you want to change your tips with ease then simply attach a coupler to your piping bag. This will allow you to change your nozzle without having to change your icing bag.

Squeeze to release into your desired pattern.

Why not add a bit of fun to your creations and try piping a funky two toned design using a stripe bag!?

You can even have a number of icing bags on the go at the same time using a handy icing bag holder stand.

This piping tip can be used with a wide range of piping bags including parchment paper, disposable piping bags and fabric bags, in addition to most adaptors, couplers and icing guns.

This stainless steel small right handed petal tube is manufactured by PME, so you are guaranteed a high quality product that will last a lifetime if looked after correctly.

For cleaning your nozzles we recommend that you use a piping tip cleaner brush.


The right handed small petal tube from PME measures approximately 3.3cm (1.3”) in height and 1.4cm (0.6”) in diameter.

This product is also available in larger sizes, as well as left handed versions too.