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PME Multi Purpose Cake Decorators Turntable

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Decorate your cake and display it at parties using this Multi-Purpose Turntable.

Decorate your cakes quickly and easily using the Multi-Purpose Cake Turntable by PME.

The turntable will hold up to a 10” cake and has been designed specifically so that it turns with absolute ease.

The turntable is made with stainless steel ball bearings for effortless spinning, making it ergonomically sound. There’s no aching hands from turning, just a smooth glide.

The stainless steel ball bearings also mean that your turntable won’t rust like some others available.

The turntable has a low centre of gravity so your cakes will stay fixed, no sliding about when your turn it.

The great thing about the PME Multi-Purpose Turntable is that it also doubles up as a party platter. Whether you’re displaying cakes, gateaux or a selection of savoury snacks, they are sure to look great on this turntable platter, and you can spin it for easy access to your party food!

The turntable is very easy to clean with the bottom ring detaching so that all parts can be washed thoroughly

The turntable has been designed by PME who are renowned for creating top quality decorating products and this turntable is no different. Specifically designed with all decorators in mind, this turntable is a useful tool no matter if you are a novice decorator or a seasoned pro.

Another great thing about the turntable is the price. Whereas some turntables can break the bank, this turntable is great value and a useful addition to your decorating tool kit.

To clean, wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.