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Mousse Cup 3-Part Chocolate Mould

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Create personalised mousse cups perfect for any occasion using this 3-part chocolate mould.

This 6-cavity mould lets your inner chocolatier whip up unique mousse cups that will leave your guests in awe of your professional-looking treats - perfect for beautifully enhancing any dessert table.
Let your creativity (and sweet tooth!) run wild with mouthwatering flavour combinations and chocolate designs - the possibilities are endless!

Create chocolate masterpieces with minimal effort and little mess. Simply fill the bottom PET cavity with chocolate to the fill line, place the flexible silicone insert on top of the chocolate, and push down the top PET piece. With the even thickness and clean edges, you'll have flawless results every time!

Made from PET plastic, these moulds make the chocolates easy to pop out and leaves them with a shiny surface! They're also 100% food-grade, odour-free, and easy to clean.

To clean and reuse the mould, simply wash with a damp cloth in warm water, then allow to dry. We don't recommend using sponges or brushes to clean. Not dishwasher safe.

Keep the mould away from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 122°C.

Please note, exposure to extreme temperatures (cold or hot) may cause the mould to warp or crack.

Mould includes 6 cavities.

1. Separate the mould and remove the silicone inserts.
2. Pour/pipe your melted chocolate/candy melts into each cavity, not exceeding the fill line. gently tap the mould to level out the chocolate.
3. Using the silicone inserts, gently press into the cavity. Take the top piece of the mould and slot into place, piecing the mould back together.
4. Press the top piece down until the chocolate rises to the top.
5. Place in the fridge/freezer and leave to set for as long as your recipe states. 6. Once set, carefully open up the mould and peel back the silicone insert.

L 40mm x W 39mm x H 30mm