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Gold & Black Acrylic Ganache Scraper

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Create flawless ganache cakes with these gold & black acrylic ganache scrapers.

Our ganache scrapers make it effortless to produce a smooth ganache finish on any cake, making them must-have tools for cake artists and baking perfectionists.

Designed to be used alongside our ganache frames, available in varying sizes in both square and round. Simply place your frames/plates on the top and bottom of your cake and use them as a guide, smearing your ganache around your cake to create a flawlessly smooth finish with your scraper.

Once finished, your scraper can be washed and reused again for future projects, so it's definitely an asset to your baking tools collection - especially if ganache and buttercream finishes are a go-to with your cake designs.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, ranging from 4" to 12". Each scraper measures 3" wide and approximately 2mm thick.

Made from 100% food safe acrylic.