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Detail Scraper Frost Finisher Set Of 3

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Perfect those smooth finishes and crisp edges with this Frost Form™️ scraper set.

The Frost Finisher Scrapers are a set of three scraper/smoother tools that were designed specifically for your Frost Form™️ cakes.
Pack includes three scrapers (Small, Medium and Large), so all of your cakes can get that flawless finish, no matter the size!
✔ 3 Sided Multi-Purpose Scraper
Use all three sides for smoothing your Frost Form™️ cakes, including two straight sides, and one curved side.
✔ One Swipe Only
The specially designed curved side of the scrapers is ideal for erasing the seam from your liner join, and takes only one swipe. Easy peasy!
✔ Ergonomic Handle
Easy to use and comfortable to handle - making it easy to scrape your frosting at the top of your cake.
✔ 3 Sizes Included
Get a flawless finish on every cake, no matter the size.
✔ Right Angle Corner
The scraper curves off to leave no marks - perfect for tidying up the join between your cake and board.
✔ Dishwasher Safe
Cleans easily ready for your next cakey project!
Small: 3.5"
Medium: 4"
Large: 4.5"