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Black Heart Ganache Plate - Pack of 2

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Create perfect ganache finish cakes with this unique set of scollop shaped acrylic ganache plates.

Our ganache plates make it effortless to produce a ganache finish on any cake, it's a must-have for cake artists and baking perfectionists. But why limit your cake artistry to just round or square cakes? Now you can push the boundaries even further and perfect the look with this scollop-shaped set.

How do they work?

So simple, but so clever!

By placing a ganache plate on top of your cake, and one at the bottom, you can use them as a guide when smoothing ganache, buttercream and royal icing around the edges of your cakes, ensuring smooth, flawless results. It's so easy, it's literally a piece of cake.

When finished, your ganache plates can be removed, washed, and used again for future projects.

Please note, our ganache plates measure approximately 0.25" more than the displayed size, allowing for the ganache/buttercream layer. Therefore, if you're ordering for a 10" cake, a set of 10" plates would be recommended.

These plates are made from 100% food safe clear acrylic.

These sets of ganache plates range in sizes from 4" to 14", catering to any size and design you have in mind. Each plate measures approximately 3mm thick. Each size includes 2 plates.