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BAKE GROUP Piping Nozzle - Leaf Decorating Tip 114

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This Icing decorating tip 114 is ideal for detailed leaf designs and shell borders, great for icing cupcakes, cakes and even decorating that special one off cake.


Simply attach a coupler to a disposable piping bag and snip the top of the bag using a scissors so that the coupler sits securely in the bag but the top is exposed. Attach your nozzle to the outside of the coupler and secure it on with the second part of the coupler. This will enable you to change your nozzle with ease. Fill the piping bag with royal icing or whatever medium you require and push it to the front of the nozzle, ensuring that there are no air bubbles left in the bag. Twist the open end of the piping bag until it creates pressure inside the bag and the icing begins to push its way through the nozzle. It then is ready to pipe! Squeeze to release into desired pattern.

Wash piping nozzles in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly after use.

Tip works with disposable and fabric piping bags.

As this tip is larger than most tips it is best use with a Large Coupler.

Made from seamless stainless steel.

Sold individually.