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Create chocolate masterpieces with minimal effort and little mess. Simply fill the cavities with your chocolate, tap the mould to remove any air bubbles and scrape away any excess. Place in the fridge/freezer until set. Decorate with drips, sprinkles and glitters – perfect for decorating cupcakes, cakes, cookies and more.

Why not experiment with layers of different coloured candy melts to create a completely unique effect?!

Made from PET plastic, these moulds make the chocolates easy to pop out and leaves them with a shiny surface! They’re also 100% food-grade, odour-free, and easy to clean.

To clean and reuse the mould, simply wash with a damp cloth in warm water, then allow to dry. We don’t recommend using sponges or brushes to clean. Not dishwasher safe.

Keep the mould away from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 122°C.

Please note, exposure to extreme temperatures (cold or hot) may cause the mould to warp or crack.

Contains 10 cavities.

L 60mm x W 45mm x H 13mm.


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