Colour Mill: Mint Green 20ml (oil based concentrated icing colouring)



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PLEASE NOTE – this product contains the food colouring E127 (Erythrosine) which is permitted in the USA and also in the EU in certain concentrations in certain foods such as candied, cocktail and glacé / Bigarreaux cherries.  Australia and New Zealand food regulations were relaxed to include E127 as a permitted colouring in 2007.   We have asked our Environmental Health Department to check with Food Standards Scotland and the Food Standards Agency that E127 is permissible in the concentration levels found in this product under the latest legislation. We will report back to our customers asap but, meantime, have decided to remove this particular colour from sale to avoid any confusion. There is no suggestion of any health or food safety risk (otherwise glacé cherries would be banned) – this is purely about ensuring the concentration levels and intended use of the product are acceptable under both the latest UK and EU regulations which, as you will appreciate with Brexit looming, may not always be exactly the same


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