ATECO Aluminium Revolving Cake Stand

Decorate your cakes to a professional standard using this revolving cake stand/turntable.

This turntable is a huge time-saver, especially when coating your cakes in ganache or buttercream. It’s also great when decorating. For example, airbrushing and painting, saving you the effort of constantly twisting and adjusting your cake.




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The Aluminium Revolving Cake Stand is one of Ateco’s finest products to date.

Similar to other revolving stands, Ateco have now released an upgraded, improved version featuring new stainless steel ball bearings for effortless turning.

The new addition of the ball bearings means the top plate glides easily around taking all the work out of moving your cake around to decorate it. You’ll find that decorating borders and side tier designs with things such as border moulds or Cake Lace become an absolute breeze saving you time and increasing accuracy, so the perfectionists among us won’t have to go back and touch up.

The Revolving Turntable is made from quality aluminium for a sturdy yet lightweight design and the surface comes with a non-slip design to keep your cake firmly in place as you work.

Whilst this turntable is designed for professionals, it is so easy to use that people of any ability can use it.

Ateco is a well-established brand, synonymous with making fantastic quality cake decorating products such as stands, nozzles and cutters and the Aluminium Revolving Turntable is no exception. Well-crafted and sure to last, this is a must have for any decorator no matter if they are a part time home baker or industry professional.

Cleaning Instructions:
Handwash only. Do NOT submerge in water as this can cause rust to form between the pivot and base. NOT dishwasher safe.

The top is made from ⅛” (2.85cm) thick Aluminium, 12” (30.48cm) diameter top and 5”(12.7cm) height. Includes 1 non-slip pad.


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