4″ Deep Straight Edge Dummy – DUMMIES DIRECT

Arrange and separate your cake tiers with this 1″ round cake separator. 

This cake separator will prove very useful – not only will it separate cake tiers, it can also be used to help craft other decorations. And since it is made from EPS 100 polystyrene, it is much more compressed than similar products on the market, making it extremely easy to cut with a serrated knife – if you wish carve it to your own specifications.

This product can be washed and re-used, making it super cost-effective for your upcoming projects.

These separators come in a variety of different sizes.

Separator measures: 1″ deep.


Hey! Cake dummies are awesome! 🎂 They’re like the mannequins of the baking world. 😄 These dummies are made of foam or other materials and are used by bakers to practice decorating cakes or display their creations. They come in different shapes and sizes, just like real cakes! 🍰 Whether you’re a beginner baker or a pro looking to perfect your skills, cake dummies are a must-have. They’re reusable, so you can practice as many times as you want without wasting ingredients. Plus, they make for stunning displays at events or in bakery showcases. So, get your creativity flowing and let those cake decorating skills shine with cake dummies! 🎉



2", 3", 4" (10.16cm), 5"(12.7cm), 6" (15.24cm), 7" (17.78cm), 8" (20.32cm), 9" (22.86cm), 10" x10'' x 6'', 11" (27.94cm), 12" (30.48cm), 12"(30.48cm), 13"(33.02cm), 14" (35.56cm), 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24"


Circle, Square, Hexagon, Octagon, Heart


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