16″ x 16″ x 27″ Tall Corrugated White Cake Box & Insert

Transport large and heavy cakes safely and easily with this brand new corrugated white cake box.

This mega sized cake box measured 16″ wide and 27″ tall, making it perfect for multi-tiered cakes that are both tall and heavy.

The box is remarkably strong and can hold up to 25kg in weight.


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Let me rephrase that for you in a more conversational tone:

Oh, I’ve got some exciting news for you! Check out this brand new corrugated white cake box designed for transporting large and heavy cakes. It’s mega-sized, measuring 16″ wide and 27″ tall. Perfect for those stunning multi-tiered cakes that are both tall and heavy! 💪

This cake box is seriously strong, capable of holding up to 25kg in weight. So, no need to worry about your cakes getting squished during transportation. 🎂

It comes with a lid and a reversible insert that serves two purposes. First, it keeps your cake securely in place, preventing it from touching the sides of the box. Second, it adds extra stability to the box, ensuring it stays sturdy even during bumpy rides. 📦

Now, let’s talk about the insert. It’s a real game-changer! On one side, you’ll find round grooves in sizes ranging from 14″, 12″, and 10″. And on the reverse side, there are square grooves in the same sizes. So, no matter the size or shape of your cake, this insert has got you covered! 🍰

And here’s the cherry on top: this white cake box is not only durable but also reusable. You can use it for multiple cake projects, and it stays clean thanks to the insert. It’s a win-win situation! ♻️

I hope that covers everything you wanted to know about this amazing cake box! Let me know if you have any more questions.


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